Location Awareness!

Location awareness is a topic which scares me and makes me realize it might be useful in some cases. Not so long ago i sign up to four square and it sounded fun at the beginning to update my location every time i moved . The problem was when i went to a Vietnamese restaurant and then i noticed another person i had never met before was there too. I could see her name and full profile so i wondered if she could see mine.I decided not to update my location and i barely use foursquare. I never use it honestly .I had to try it and then i convinced myself that it wasn’t secure at all.

In the other hadn’t i wonder if four square could be a good media to meet new people?It might be fun to be in the same place at the same time with other people you don’t know. Maybe using foursquare gives you the opportunity to get to know a person who enjoys the same things you enjoy. I love to have Pho soup it is so good and that’s why i visit that Vietnamese restaurant.It could be fun to meet someone who likes Pho soup too.I never ever use foursquare with Facebook though . That to me is crazy i really do not want all my friends on Facebook knowing what i am doing haha.

I have heard so many weird things happening to people due to posting their location or details about their life. I really don want to go through a weird event where someone is following me or knows something about my personal life. Not so long ago my sister told me a story about a lady that always updated her location . The problem began when a crazy neighbor decided to follow her every move because she had lost a baby and always had a thing following pregnant lady’s. The neighbor event knew where the pregnant lady had sign up for a registry. The sad thing is that at the end the neighbor murdered the pregnant lady. These are the stories that make me think twice before i try to be a social media junkie and post my location.


How accesible is the usage of the internet?

Accessibility has such a useful meaning when it comes to everything in life . Humans want to be able to have access to all the things we desire in life. The Internet is one of them and with it a computer device goes with it. To be able to access the internet we need a computer and without it e cant have a complete cyber social life. The internet not only opens doors to be able to connect with friends and family but it also gives us the access to know more latest news and events. I am very lucky to have access to the internet through my computer and my cellphone. If i was not able to access the internet i would be left behind in latest news and family updates. My cellphone makes a huge change in my life . It saves me time and it is so much better to receive emails in time and being able to reply back immediately .

My last senior year i did have access to the internet through my laptop but i did not have access through my cell phone. My life really has changed by having a blackberry device i love it.Having family out of the United States it is difficult and being able to talk to them through my phone without spending a dime is amazing . I talk with them through the blackberry chat . The blackberry chat is another  social media example because it connects people faster and with no extra cost. The problem is that not everyone is able to afford it .When it comes to a disability having access to the internet is much more difficult. Not being able to see or hear makes it more challenging and almost impossible to have an easy access with the web.I would get frustrated using a screen reader because it is so much complicated.




The Digital Divide:

The digital divide it is still a problem nowadays. No matter how technology is progressing and has from the past, their is still a gap of people who do not have access to it or even the possibility to acquire such technology. I will use my own life experience example to write about how big of a gap their is in many countries. El Salvador is a very poor  Central American country . Having access to the internet is impossible for some people. Especially in rural areas  where internet connection does not even exist.Some people have never heard of such a thing called a computer because public schools in rural areas can’t afford purchasing computers for their students.

I was always lucky enough to come from a financially successful family in El Salvador . I had the chance to purchase my own laptop and also learn in school everything about computers. My school had the possibility to have computers for all students because it was a  private school . Even if the internet access is growing and working on covering all the gaps missing , their is a lot more work to be done. Getting access to the internet is one thing and acquire a computer device is another. Some people are to poor to acquire one or even pay for the monthly internet bill.If its hard for  people to pay for water and electricity it will be impossible for them to be able to afford such a luxury by having a computer.

North America has made it possible to give access to almost all citizens. Schools can afford purchasing computers and teaching students all about technology. Sadly that is not the case around the world, technology is still far from conquering the whole world. It might seem that everyone is connected with the internet but that is not the case . There are millions of people who had never been able to access a computer and learn about the internet. The gaps are so big and nowadays technology is so expensive  that is far from the reach of many citizens around the world.I still believe generations will go by without having the chance of learning all about the internet.



One of the main points on the structure of a website is the categorization on it. I had never put any thought on how important it is to categorize and organize the content within a website. The way to truly learn the tricks and rules on how to develop a successful website is by getting out there and creating one. Elaborating on my group blog has helped me understand the steps to maintain a functioning website. A functioning website is what i call a successful website like Wikipedia .Keeping a website successfully popular with users is not easy. It has several rules and tricks , from developing an amazing design to the organization of the content in the website.I like the way each searched topic page is organized .

Categorization is extremely important in a website . It helps the users understand the content in the website and how to find it. Websites should be user friendly and easy to understand. Having an organized website makes users visit the website again and again. When users are successful at finding what they where searching within the websites contents ,the websites creators are also successful on keeping the website popular. Applying all the examples from other blogs to our blog help us maintain our website organized. I truly say their is so much more to learn on how to better categorize the content of our blog. We have been successful on making our blog user friendly and eye catching but we still need to fix some small categorizing details . I am sure that learning about categorizing helped our blog because now we understand the  importance of it in a website .

Source Evaluation

Source Evaluation for me it is still a hard topic to explain or even talk about . Nowadays it is so hard to evaluate a website and say everything it contains  is legit. I myself have to take a long time evaluating websites with news from my country which look goofy. Last night i dedicated my time on reading about Gaddafi’s life. I did not know exactly where to begin so off course i utilize Google haha. I typed : Gaddafi’s life biography and opened each website one by one. Wikipedia was the first website that gave me information about him but i decided to go with middle eastern websites . I just wanted to know what they thought about Gaddafi and trust me the websites i visited where pretty controversial. It was hard to know which website contain the most legit trustworthy information because they where no sources on the website . I believe the people who created and wrote on the website where a little biased and just had people add their knowledge on Gaddafis’ life .

When i am interested in a certain subject i like to read about it online a see users comments on certain subjects. That is just for personal gain of knowledge and i decide whether to believe what they write or not. When it comes to writing school essays then i use the library scholar database like Jstor. The reason i do that is because it is easier for me to evaluate a website and its content where their journals are scholarly approved. I just go ahead and read and add my source to my essay.


It really scares me to realize that i use Google daily. what concerns me is wondering how much personal information Google keeps or knows about me . I know its an effective filter to find pretty much anything . I had never put any thought on it but i wonder is people can find more about me just by searching my name on Google. Many times to find old friends twitter user name I search for them on Google. know i wonder how many people do that for me even people who do not really like me . There should be a better way to control personal information.

As fun and productive the internet can be with Google , it could also be dangerous. Its not a myth or taboo that many people get killed or hurt by people looking for information on filter websites. I have not heard on an specific one on Google but i have no doubt there have been cases . I believe Google should be regulated even if its a profitable free filter for all users. I totally agree that in a sense users are aware that by using the internet their information is not private anymore. Just because users might be aware of this it does not make it right to acquire users personal information and put it on display for anyone to see. Their should be a type of regulation.

The best public solution i could think of is by users to control what they write and post on Google. I believe its too late to regulate such a successful filter . Google has been working with the same policies for years and i believe its to late to fix and change privacy settings. It is up to us users to regulate our own personal information .

filtering journal review:

This assignment helped  me realize how much filters i use to find out about daily news. I had never focused on how much i use Google. I love Google because it helps me find everything i want and when i say anything it truly means everything. English is not my native language so when it comes to definitions on words Google is always there to save me .I enter Google every single day and every minute of the day . I  search news , stores , a location , restaurants , images , and lots more. I am a movie junkie so i always search for old movies and their cast  just for fun. The last 24 hours  , Google has been my main filter website. I have gone from checking my bank account to looking at the latest news.

I always mess up my banks’ website so i use Google to guide me on the right path. I particularly interested in food and recipes so i go on a search for all type of fun meaty recipes. My group blog is called Emac and Cheese so i have to look for fun recipes and restaurants to blog about them. Last night i focused on searching my boy friends’ amazing spaghetti recipe. He told me he had used Google to find it and it turns out Google links the recipe to food.com. I am pretty amazed on how extremely helpful Google is .

The other filter i use is Yahoo . Even though i do not use it as often , its main page always has the highlight of the day on it. I really like that as a reader there is no need to search deeply into finding the breaking news.I would not change anything from the way i find out about news. I feel i do not  waste time and i focus mainly on what interests me .

“Filter Journal”

Google “My favorite”:

Chase bank






main page news.

You tube:

most watched

music videos


My Experience : Low and High distraction:

My experience working with high distraction is pretty much always successful. The reason for always being successful its because i always do all my homework with high distractions. I always have the television on and loud. The television is not my only distraction . I am always browsing on the web and checking funny videos on Youtube. I like multitasking because i believe that as a student i should be able to complete any task under any circumstances.

Last night i did my first summary under ” The Great Fire in London” with high distraction. I was watching the rangers game and also flipping channels to see if there was anything else on television that caught my eye. The only problem i had  with high distraction was reading the wiki content or article with full attention. It was hard for me to comprehend the reading so i had to go back and check details. I get distracted easily so i would zone out and stare at the T.V while changing the channels.

The second one i really took my time looking for an interesting article on wiki because my whole room was silent and peaceful.I wrote a summary on the “Manchester Mummy” and this was extremely new and interesting for me. I had never heard of this so it caught my eye . I am also a fan of creepy stories because i love scary movies. I completed my task faster than my first high distraction summary. The only problem i had by working with no distraction is to much silent this makes me drowsy and lonely so i would peek outside the window non-stop.

” Low Distraction wikipedia summary” Manchester Mummy…. spooky

During the mid 18th century there was an extremely high fear of being buried alive. The reason was due to so many debates on the signs of death. People during that time had so many techniques to make sure the person was dead. This would be from pouring pepper and vinegar insides the mouth to even applying it to the rectum.This sort of fear made an wealthy woman in England famous.

This uniquely wealthy woman is known as  Hannah Beswick . She  had also an extreme fear to be buried alive so when she died in February 1758 her body was embalmed. Embalming is a technique used to temporarily preserve bodies from decomposition to make them presentable for display. Her body was not buried so it could be checked for signs of life. The actual process of the embalming her body was not recorded but probably her blood was replaced with a mixture of turpentine and vermilion.

After notifying there where no signs of life , her body was placed into an old clock case and allowed to be seen by locals in Dr.Whites house, Beswick family physician . She was then taken to the Museum of Manchester Natural History Society were she got the name for ” The Manchester Mummy”. Later on she was transferred to Manchester University and finally buried on July 22nd 1868. It took Hannah Beswick more the 110 years after her death properly buried.